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Making good notes is an essential part of any research project. When doing research and making notes from a source, there are three main things to consider:

  • Make notes only on what you need.
  • Put the notes and ideas you read about into your own words. These should be based on the questions you want to answer.
  • List the source of the information. This includes reference information such as author, title, publication date, page number, web address, etc.

A good researcher needs to develop a wide variety of skills that she or he can use as they are required. These skills or tools can be added to a Research Toolkit. No one tool can do all of the jobs. It is the researcher who needs to decide which tools to use for which jobs. The more tools in the toolkit, the better equipped the researcher will be to do the research properly and effectively.

One of the fundamental tools any researcher should have, and one that will be of particular importance for the Student Activities, is the skill of skimming and scanning.

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