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Together your class will create a class magazine. In a small group you will be assigned a category to research. Each category has three or four sources of historical information. The work you do will be your group’s contribution to the magazine. The magazine will be about people, places and events as well as life in general in the 19th century. Articles will be based on the categories listed below.

Task Responsibilities

Your teacher will assign you one of ten categories. Each category has three or four documents associated with it. Your task will involve the following:

  1. Read the documents within your category.
  2. Answer the three questions in the category. Use the annotations in each document as well as skimming and scanning techniques to answer the questions.
  3. In small groups, research and complete an activity (the third question) that will be a contribution to a class magazine. Graphic organizers provided for each research activity will help to get you started.


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