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This introduction is intended to provide a framework for the task you will be assigned. To start, you will need to understand the imaginary scenario in which you will be working. You and your classmates will work together to promote an important collection of rare books and documents. Read on….

An anonymous book collector recently donated a rare and fascinating collection of books, reports, guides and almanacs to your local library. The collection is made up of documents with connections to Ontario and most of the collection was published in the 19th century. The librarian wants to share the information in these documents with students across the province. Making the documents available in digital format through the worldwide web has provided them a wider audience, but the librarian wants to make the documents even more accessible to students.

You and your classmates have been asked to help make this happen. The librarian wants you to create a magazine to highlight some of the main thoughts and ideas in these historical documents. The style, layout and content of the magazine should appeal to your intended target audience, other Grade 7 and 8 students in the province.


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